Why are we born in that particular family ?
Why do we suffer? 
Why are we born?
Such questions plagued my mind for a long time.
If you also want to know the answers of above stated questions... Here is the reason why ?


“A contract of debt" this signifies a promise which would be fulfilled in future or in next life.
We are creating Karmic debts with all those with whom we interact. The Karmic debts ( rna ) lead to bondage or attachment ( bandha ). These Karmic attachments pull us into the wheel of existence again and again. Karma leads to rna and rna leads to Karma. Rnanubandha is at the root of repeated lives. 
Chitragupta is a Hindu god assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth and punish or reward them according to their Karmas. As a result we born in that particular family with whom we have strong rnanubandha.
Every relationship reflects some rnanubandha . The people with whom we have very strong rnanubandha become our parents, spouse, children and co-borns in this life. 
Sweet memories of karmic debts lead to a 'happy' relationship and bitter memories to an 'unhappy' relationship. That is why most relationships are of a mixed nature.

And When the karmic accounts are settled, once there is no more debt, the relationship ends. But if the rnanubandha is very strong, it results in a long-standing relationship like marriage or child/ parent relationship, any romantic relationship or brother/ sister relationship.
When a soul is born into a family, it is because of the karmic debts with the others in that family. 

The horoscope thus reveals the Prarabdha karma of an individual. An astrologer can analyse to a reasonable extent, the Prarabdha with which a person is born. Hence study of Jyotisha or astrology can shed light on the unknown aspects of life. 

But do remember always that Without rnanubandha no creature comes to you. 

Astrology can guide us in our lives by giving hope; by correcting us and also tells us our purpose of life. And only because of our karmas or his/ her Prarabdha a person born in that particular family. 

It is the karma we are now making in this lifetime. This determines our future lives. So do good karmas and be kind and considerate to all creatures.